Help & Support

The portal is designed to be easy to use and allow you to manage your own or your firm’s details, bookings and membership.

Below we answer common questions and queries but if you are unable to find what you need please contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

What account type should I choose when registering?

When registering you have a choice of several account types:

  • Student: select this if you’re a student member
  • Member: if you’re a member or wishing to become a member select this option
  • Firm admin: if you’re responsible for managing a firm’s membership or bookings select this option
  • Member and firm admin: if you’re a member and also administer your firm choose this option
  • Non-member: if you want to book events but are not a member then select this option
My firm is not listed

If your firm is not listed please contact us and we’ll add it. Once done we’ll let you know so you can complete your registration.

I can’t remember my login

If you can’t remember your password please use the reset password link below the login form. If you don’t remember your email address or membership number contact us. Please do not create a new account.

What’s my membership number?

When registering you will be assigned a membership number once your account has been approved. The number follows this format: J##### and will be emailed to you. You can also view it after logging in.

It says my account is pending approval

After registering we must approve every account, during this time you will be able to access your account but not perform any actions. Once we have approved the account you will be emailed.

I’m not a member but am responsible for my firm’s bookings and membership renewals

If you are responsible for booking events for others, managing their membership or updating your firm’s details then you must still register to create an account. Your account will allow you to view and edit members belonging to your firm.

I have moved firm, how do I update my account?

To change firm you must be invited by a firm administrator or we can update your account for you.

How do I move an existing member to my firm?

My account is using the email address from a former firm.

You can still log in using this address or your membership number. If you’re unable to access your account then please ask your firm administrator (if you have one) to make the change or contact us.

I want to book an event for others

Only firm administrators are able to book events for other members. As a firm administrator you are able to manage the account of all other members in your firm.

Do I still need to register if I am not a member?

If you want to book events yes you must register to access the booking system. You can also become a full member at any time.

I selected the wrong account type

Don’t worry, just contact us and include your membership number or the email address you used for account and let us know the problem and we can change it for you.